Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Flashback memory

I remember my early days of childhood -me and my flat-mates used to gather outside the building on the very first day it rained and get drenched while dancing and singing the latest hindi numbers. It was like a ritual we used to follow every year for reasons unknown .But then as we grew up we sort of grew out of that habit .Even me, after a few years of dancing alone with my mom standing a few feet away couldn’t see any more fun in it.
Sometimes i wonder whether coming here was a mistake , whether i would have been happy there ,how would my life had turned out if i had stayed back? Am i more happier here than when i had been there ? and some more questions that eat at the back of my head often .Now when i think of my life back then , compared to the present me, i feel i was a completely clueless stranger there. Even though it was the place i spent my first seven years in, where i knew people but who didn’t feel like family. I did have friends , well an appropriate word to describe me would have been a ‘snob’. Funny how people change .Right now if anyone ever asks me whether i prefer this place or that, i wouldn’t hesitate to answer the most obvious one.
This place has taught me a lot....made me question and think about things ,exposed me to rock music and callousness and the bitching behaviour of girls all through high school, to depression and later the struggle of overcoming it and not losing my sanity.So I’d say I’ve been through a hell of a lot of things that i wouldn’t have if i had been back there and I’m pretty sure there’s more to come.