Saturday, February 12, 2011


This year has been everything I'd wished and more.So much more. I get up everyday , sometimes unsure of things, of myself, of all the things the day might bring and I don't let it get to me . If I were me from last year , I would have whined , felt sorry for myself , wallowed in grief convinced that my head was showing me signs that the day would be a disaster. Such was my state.

But now , I get up everyday with a smile.If things go wrong , I know better than to waste my time thinking about it. I have a goal in mind , to reach heights that would make me proud of myself more than anyone else! This year's been charged with energy that seems to be working for my benefit. Opportunities abound . There are lessons to be learnt, people  to be met, their stories to be uncovered, knowledge to be had, information to be hogged on....there's so much out there and so little time. :D

I recently had the chance to meet a wonderfully talented person who's become a great friend of mine. She's portrays qualities that I would very much like to be my own , though she denies being anything that great. Both of us have come to appreciate ourselves , who we are , what we've been through; We agree that life till now has made us who we are and we very well can't stop here ,can we?

You could say that this year has made me wanna be grateful for EVERYTHING. I love what I study! I've never felt that way about my subjects .But I'm so glad I'm one of those lucky ones who would probably get to enjoy her job one day. I have a best friend Fassu who's been there for me through thick and thin and I always wonder how I got so lucky. I absolutely LOVE my mother . Who knew my brain would just click one day , and show me the true meaning of listening , listening to her? I love my freedom in the hostel . I dream of studying abroad and going to places , meeting exciting people and you know what? I'm pretty sure it's gonna happen someday . That's my destiny ;)

I'm grateful and content .


  1. you have no idea how happy i am to read this blog!!! everything about this blog screams beautiful and honest. :) im so proud of you... i just wish i get to "transforming to my better self" as soon as you have done it :) even i wonder how i got so lucky ;) but im glad i did! :)

  2. @Faseeha hee hee u like everything i write :P....thanks :P

  3. @Insomniac oh i'm sorry :D...ofcourse I'm grateful to have known you too :D

  4. aaaawww....lou is pouring out...haha...happy to see that you guys are still so close...this makes me miss stephanie man!!!:(