Saturday, February 13, 2010

My honest scrap :)


Ramit gave this to me.Honestly wasn't my name obvious?What did you think it meant?:P
Anyway i'm supposed to write 10 honest things about me.I'l try.Sorry if i bore you to death.Will try as hard as i can to shorten the post .So here goes :

1.Death.I had never thought I'd be one of those people who would get to see their loved one die.I mean ,when your just 6 or 7,maybe i got the age wrong,i don't remember ,and you've seen it happening in serials its a bit hard to come to terms with the fact that it happens in real life. So i guess one can understand why i sat there smiling when asked my the photographer to sit still.Though the loss was too great,i'm guilty for not feeling that sad and that it hasn't affected me in a major way.

2.I have this empty feeling when i think about the place i'd lived my first 12 years in.It feels like it never happened.NO.Actually it feels like a distant memory.Like i know for a fact i was there,but just dont know how i lived there.Thinking back ,i seemed i can't understand how, without my relatives that i have now,i lived there.That place feels dark and lonely.

3.One of my regrets was hurting my Aunt.Even though i wasn't close to her,she loved me as far as i know.I met her once in a year,n a brat that i was ,i used to visit her only because i could play with her kittens.But the last time i met her,there weren't any.So as usual ,i threw a tantrum forcing my mom to leave without even sitting for a drink. I feel sick for being so stubborn and selfish.Wonder why my mom didn't slap some sense into me right then ....:(I'm so sorry.

4.I was so happy when my mom had agreed to give me what i had wanted.I couldn't  believe it!This was huge , i knew.It was permanently going to change our lives.That's when she dropped the bomb.It wasn't going to be 2 but 3 .I was furious.I didn't want to see reason.But of course she was right.I couldn't take care of her then could i?So though i got what i wanted ,I had to put up with the catch .Should i be asking ,was it fair?I dunno.I guess it was for the best.Better than that lonely place.I got warmth for accepting the deal.SO there was something good in it.Sorry for not elaborating.Guess i'm not being fully honest here .
5.I was easily influenced by what others thought and did.So it didn't take me much time to get a boyfriend.He was sweet and loving.But i was scared.Sure i liked him.But i wasn't ready.Wasn't ready to get into a relationship.It was my first time of course.So i pushed him out.I had a good reason ,or so i told my self.Haven't gone out with anyone since coz i learnt that what i wanted wasn't going to be a waste of time.It was going to be real.And i didn't want it to be uncomfortable.So i knew i wan't ready.I still am not.Not yet.
6.After moving here,I had many ups and downs.My self-esteem took a huge blow.Saw the cruelties girls had to offer.Learnt who my good friends were and who i had to stay away from.Took a lot of time to learn that.But i grew into what i am today.So i guess what happened is ok.Wouldn't like to go back though,not for the world.:)

7.My second year at pre-university college was a blast.I became the assistent class rep.That's when i made my best buddies.I got to shout ,scream ,curse people .Pursue someone i had a huge crush on for the whole year,not considering the fact that he turned out to be a complete jerk.

8.I still can't figure out how to not give a rat's ass to what others think about me.I want to be able to ignore them,prove to them they're wasting time and occasionally give them a piece of my mind.Unfortunately,when it comes to talking ,i forget words .Pathetic :DOh yes i want to slap people when i want to ,kick them and punch them.....Can't i do that?

9.As i've mentioned before,i still have no idesa why my friends stick by me.I feel i pretend.Hopefully one day i'd see myself through their eyes and maybe understand something about friendship and really feel like i deserve them.

10.I don't know what my definition for successful is right now or what's it going to be in years to come.Yes i want to be successful.Maybe jobwise, with a lot of money but only because i earned it .And i should love my job and love working hard for it.So why can't i bring myself to see this as a sure thing in my future?

Is this what was expected from me?Or have i done something wrong?

Anyway i would like some people to be honest and share something with me.Only if you want to.

4)Blunt edges(don't know ur name )
5)Sulagna( hey happy to hear your thoughts)

I pretty much told you about every major event that has happened in my life.N im sorry if i couldn't tell you everything,atleast i told a part of it :D.


  1. You blog posts rock \m/
    :D trust me never giving a rats ass to people is easy stick to doing what you like the most :D
    Thanks for the tag i dont think i will blog iam sorry :( i need to stick to the promise i made myself

  2. that was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo honest!!!! :P i never expected you would be this honest... i mean... u must have a lot of guts to tell about the 1st 4th n 5th points... i remember the look on your face when u finally told it to me... trust me!! it wasnt good! n about the "doing things what people tell you to do"... i guess at some point every person on this earth does that... you do just a little more...:) yes, you need to work on that...god!! you are so desperate to slap people!!! lol! :)

  3. Thank you so so so much for doing this. I really like the way you've made an effort to find pictures relevant to each point you've put across. I know so much more about you now, thanks!

  4. Hey one more thing i always wonder what kinda guys are called "complete jerks" by girls. i have always heard girls use that word :D

  5. @djd...sure no problem....What kinda guys....obviously immature,heartless morons are called that...but then i dunno for sure :P

    @faseeha...yeah well...that's because u know everything about me :P

    @The bald guy...u understood everything ????well thanks..i had fun searching for the pics :D

  6. Hi...

    thanks for visiting my blog...
    I too have done this tag but you are the one who did justice to the tag by putting pictures. The post looks wonderful...

    You have earned a new follower.. :)

  7. very vague truths...but very honest ones! :D

    i kinda gave out lotsa honest things about me in my latest post...can i take the award? :D

  8. @chanz....thanks :D*beaming*.....

    @blunt edges....yeah i know...very vague....:P

  9. annuzer tag sweetie! pick it up from my blog! :)