Saturday, October 31, 2009

Self evaluation is a very tiring job

For two months i haven't touched my computer...and in these two months ive kinda changed a lot....n i know for sure that this time its for the better.

We all know life's full of ups and downs.Small things can bother me a lot.I start thinking of a thing that might not need so much attention and then unknowingly blow it out of proportions.Worry ,Worry ,Worry -that's what i do and i can never seem to get out of that irritating state of mind.It's so unstable that i need someone to tell me that what i'm thinking and feeling is right.I don't seem to trust myself.God, it pisses me off!

And i can't handle confident people-they intimidate me.You must think i'm a wuss.Don't worry i'm with ya....

There are people who come into your life once in a while who seem like any other person you've met....but what you u don't guess is what impact they can have on your life.Well one such person just happened to come one day and change my feelings by merely telling me that she expected great things from me.And i thought to myself....why do i keep feeding that shit to my head when clearly i'm capable of a lot more .I might not be like my brother,i might certainly not be like that girl in my class who makes me so mad (though i admire her confidence),but i can be the girl i know i am .I'm not a wuss!

Life can be so unreal sometimes....with its maddening way to hurt and confuse you and equally surprising gifts to pacify you that it makes this whole journey all the more pleasant.....

There's still some doubt .....i know i can revert back to the old thinking ..but until then i hope i can do some damage....:D