Saturday, December 19, 2009

I'm addicted to you

Another day gone to waste :(

My life at present seems to be too caught up in the unhealthy world of TV. I’ve heard people talking about their addiction to cigarettes and alcohol and even porn on various talk shows but I never understood what was so appealing and tempting about it that drew one closer and closer and just swallowed you whole like quicksand and you just couldn’t get out of it .Well now I get the picture.


Whole day I’ve got only one thing on my mind-sit on the couch and stare at that bloody piece of crap! and I don’t even watch educational stuff!
Well...............I don’t actually agree with myself entirely. Movies can be educational....

Today I watched a beautiful movie-Sweet November...well its not a new one on the block and I never bothered to watch it before. The movie’s kinda like A WALK TO REMEMBER.

Charlize’s character was just marvellous. I just loved her attitude to life. She lived it the way she wanted to .Well her having less time in the world is a different matter .Anyway, I guess ,I dunno , but everyone of us ,deep down, would love to be like her-u knw,not thinking about THE job,not thinking about money ,not conforming to the rules of the place( it scares the shit outta me to change and i envy those who aren’t)

One could say that’s shirking away from responsibilities, wasting time thinking about a fool’s paradise by not being serious about what should be and seems to be a predetermined notion of things that are important.

Ah, my head’s spinning.............

Sheesh , why can’t i just think about make-up and boys and revenge tactics all the time...that’ll keep me busy.

Anyway I’ve spent only about three and half hours today studying .That’s it. And this has been the case since the past few days i’ve been home.

I just wanna let go.....of all the feelings ,all the thoughts....just sit and well, do nothing at reminiscing, no painful memories, no daydreaming about incidents i would want to occur, no worrying about my exam BEING ON MONDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Panic attack..........................AGHHHHH


  1. You've a exam on Monday? Wow! You must be courageous!

    Now go study! :)

  2. three and half hours :O thats more than enough to get u a nine pointer :P
    i din really like sweet november
    freaking out,not wanting to do any thing and always day will fit right into engineering :)
    best of luck for your exams

  3. yea even addiction one more trait of a sucessfull engineer :P

  4. @Ramit....thats not called being courageous...its called being stupid still here..bad bad bad

    @djd....yeah those three hours i dream a i should have written i was "holding and staring at" the book ..n lets hope i do well

  5. He he, I was just being nice so did not use the word stupid. But I'm sure you know what means what by now.

    Good luck with the exam.

  6. lol.. hey liza.. just cut yourself some slack ... with all your hostel life and living in the "big bad world of nitte" as a first semmie, you deserve it big time. n when i'm at it, i wanna wish you all the very best for your sem exams!! keep rocking! :D

  7. @ramit...exam went welll .....but those were practical's d hard and tiring part ...the written one....n its next week :(

    @maddy...thanks....big bad world of nitte...hee hee......yeah true,,,but i need to do atleast something...studying gives me head aches