Friday, August 21, 2009

A new journey

And so i managed to make some time for my blog...finally!....(phew).The past few or should i say just 3 days had almost left me half dead.My college had BEGUN!

During my vacation i never really paused to think how it would be.I had always seen my brother coming home and lying on the bed unable to move ,but i never really thought any of it.As my days of freedom were nearing the end ,i couldn't help look forward to the day when i'd start going to college and studying all these things that i had seen so called professionals today study .I was so excited that i was going to be one of them soon.It couldn't be so bad.So many people do it.

And so there i was on my first day to college and boy, was i in for a huge surprise.
My body ached.My head threathened to fall off thanks to the roads.Weren't they just beautiful!I was filled with awe and nausea.

Classes started with a big bang! DIFFRENTIATE THIS ! and INTEGRATE THAT !....what is sinAcosB....etc etc...shooting out every minute.It might sound as if this is nothing but trust me after almost three months of no diffrentiation and integration how in the world could one possibly answer such horrifying questions. As usual i went into a depression mode but thank God,only for sometime.

My day couldn't have been better!

Right now i can only hope for better days and try to take things one day at a time

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Why do mothers do that?

So here’s how the conversation goes

Me and my bro are discussing about where he got the huge samosas from. Mom enters the room and starts ,

“Jesse’s phone call has had my head boiling”(translated fron Konkani)

I roll my eyes .Here we go again.

“I can’t believe i didn’t realize it before. My daughter IS stupid. I should have seen the signs. First she goes off and takes up electronics and now she says she wants to do biotech! If i had known before i would have stopped you.....n blah blah blah.”

My mind goes into hyperactive mode as always.

I imagine myself slapping her so called best friend screaming “DIE...DIE ...DIE”.

Who cares if some of them didn’t make it. Doesn’t mean i won’t .

As my mom keeps blabbering on ,with the look on her face as if i’m close to death, i look at my brother for help,for some words to make her stop her emotional outburst .It always gives me headaches .That good- for-nothing monkey just shrugs and continues eating his damned samosa.

I continue screaming silently ,slowly losing my mind because i have nothing to prove her wrong .I sit there watching her scream and pity my fate .

Why do mothers do that?

It’s quite demeaning and insulting sometimes.

Why don’t they just trust their kids ?They worry , i know.But still ,what’s done is done.Let go.

I leave her in the kitchen screaming and go outside calming myself with the thought of my new mobile .