Sunday, February 13, 2011

Just like a flower.

Since the past few days , I can’t help but remember the day when I won second place in Western singing :D. It was the best birthday gift, since it also had me beating the coolest girl in high school. Ms. Anna Rego :D.

I remember singing Just like a Flower that magical afternoon. I remember Ms. Pearl, our then Social Studies teacher and one of the judges, smiling approvingly as I sang. I remember asking a fellow contestant if she was nervous , but all she did was give a shrug She seemed so confident that I was sure I wouldn’t be able to go on stage. But I did , and I won.
I remember that day ,because that was the only time , in my high school life that I felt genuinely happy .

As I went up to the microphone , I recall being  scared of the crowd all looking up at me and being scared of my own voice echoing through the room. It was surreal. I was so proud of myself .I had managed to make my presence known and become one of Ms. Pearl’s favourites.

But that wasn’t how it ended. The things I had achieved that afternoon were soon snatched away from me, because I was a coward. The disappointed look on ma’am face was what hurt me the most, I guess. Oh, I’d love to blame her for putting me through hell. But it was all my choice; And I wasn’t aware of it.

What surprised me today was that I wished for that day to repeat itself , so that I could change my hurtful past. I had not realized that that day had actually come to mean a lot to me. My birthday gift.
Anyway let bygones be bygones . Isn’t that what I meant in my last post? I’m moving on.

Just like a flower when winter begins
Just like a candle blown out in the wind
Just like a bat that can no longer fly
I’m feeling that way sometimes.

I feel I’m falling weighed down by a load
I picture a light at the end of the road
I’m closing my eyes ,I can see through the dark
The dream that is in my heart.

A little loving, a little giving ,
To build a dream for the world we’re living
A little patience and understanding
For our tomorrow a little peace.
A little sunshine , a sea of gladness
To wash away all our tears of sadness
A little hoping , a little praying
For our tomorrow ,a little peace.


  1. its a disappointment that I don't remember you singing that song and getting second place... :( what a shame :( I wanna hear you sing that song!! :D

  2. yupp yupp...count me in too...we all must do that smtime..soon