Saturday, June 27, 2009

Admission ..more like a death sentence

Yesterday I went to get an admission in the college I'll be studying in for the next 4 yrs.The day was well planned by my mom.Well mostly because i didn't seem to give a damn and quite frankly yes I, as usual ,was expecting my mom to do everything since the job at hand required me to get off my arse.And as usual things didn't go according to plan .I hadn't bothered to ask what papers were really needed and my OH SO AWESOME brother (sarcastically , ofcourse) who's studying in the same college ,has a habit of eating half of the info before telling us anything. And so it turned out i needed more papers and well my blood group too!...which was all the more reason for us to fear whether our heads , well, actually my bro's head was gonna stick to his body or if he'd lose it, courtesy mom.
Well coming back to the task at hand ,my mom never tried to find out my blood group when i was a baby (well i think that would have been less painful because then i wont be remembering any of it). But now , at this age ,i wouldnt have even dreamed of going near the hospitals with that weird odour, let alone a needle!......
And so there i was with my one hand stretched out while my other hand over my eyes closed tightly ,as my mom warned me against screaming or crying hysterically because my days as a kid were over .And so all i did when the fat man pierced the needle through my skin was think "I can bear this " repeatedly trying hard to concentrate on something else and guess what , i didn't hurt at all , just a slight pricking sensation that's all and i'm sure that this doesnt sound like a big thing, i mean many people do it.Well after opening my eyes to discover the huge amount of blood (well it looked like that for me) the fat man took from me and since this was the day i was gonna know my blood group i'd say i did a pretty swell job of not running like a lunatic ,out of the place.It might look like i'm hyping this incident, but for some reason i felt that by knowing my blood group i might finally understand who or what i really am.Just a stupid thought ,coz apparently i didn't .

Well everything put aside , we finally managed to reach the college on time and get my admission

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Forgive me

Forgive me for being such a selfish,unyielding ass,
Even when I know u could go to any length ,to any degree of discomfort just to make me comfortable.
Even when I know u grant my every wish
Even when I know u forgive my mistakes whatever they might be.
Even when I know that u listen patiently to everything I have to say and even act as if you’ve forgotten the number of times i was purposefully rude and disrespectful .
Even when I know u went through a lot pain to bring me into this world vowing to love and treasure me.
Even when I know u worked so hard just to give me a good education and putting me in all those classes keeping my future in mind.
Even when I know u love me a lot and would do anything not to see tears in my eyes.
Im so sorry……
For not listening patiently to reason insisting that im always right.
For putting up with my crap even though u deserve the best in the world.
Im so sorry……

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Respite from boredom

For days together its been nothing but a daily series of dull mornings including screaming at my brother(cant help it …everytime he’s at home I have headaches ) and friggin’ bleak Tv shows except for the re-runs of “Who’s line is it anyway?”.
So I decided to find solace in Bajpe, a place away from home on the outskirts of Mangalore ,a heavenly place where my dear cousins and grandparents reside. I’ve been coming here ever since I was a little baby. I used to eagerly wait for my exams to get over and come all the way out here to stay .It used to last a month.Every year it used to be a delight to walk around their farm, watching out for snakes (I’m dead scared of ‘em) ,taking those coloured chicks for walks ,playing with their dog, sitting like a duck and waiting patiently for the hen to lay her egg and chasing after them as they cluck away.It used to be an every day routine.
But sadly my days here have become limited- just one week ,that’s it and then its packing my bag time.Nevertheless the trips are worth it ,even if its just for a few day . The serenity of the place ,the fun ,the joys of being with the closest cousins I’ll ever have is like a blessing for a city girl like me and I’m thankful for that.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Key is Compromise

It was a birthday of a friend of mine .Me and a few other friends were invited to lunch at her house. It was cold , rainy day and i was more than happy to get out of the house for a change .In fact , i didn’t mind the weather at all .If it was college i was going to then i would have been cursing all day. Well this visit turned out to be a lot of fun. We talked, played games and ate to our hearts content. What I really liked was how her family was so close knitted .Her brother wasn’t really present , but i had heard they loved each other tremendously and stuck like glue .Her mother was so free with us and loving...well, i just haven’t met anyone like her before . Looking at them i couldn’t help but wonder ,why wasn’t my family like this ? We’ve had our share of fights and i guess sibling rivalry is nothing shockingly new. But i couldn’t help but feel my family was nothing compared to hers.

I was angry and furious when i came home not wanting to look at it from any other point of view.I just wanted to feel the rage for sometime ,to get it out of my system , to be normal again. When i did i realized everyone atleast once have felt that their family isn’t exactly an ideal one and the family in front of them is more happier than they can ever be. But it isn’t true .Every family had their own little problems to deal with.So the best we can do i to accept who we are and can be and make the best of it. For me, i believe, this is the only way i’ll survive .

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Lucky, yet unlucky

Just yesterday me n my brother went to the famous “School Book Company” where u get about any stationery or book u want or so i thought. My brother had won a few coupons sponsored by the above store at a function for ,well, being a brain. And this entitled him to take anything that he wished from the shop for free, but within Rs 250.And he had about six of these.
I was happily dreaming about buying wonderful novels when my mom looked at me sternly ,bursting my bubble and said “Your brother’s college is about to start .So go and buy notebooks. Why do you need to buy novels when u have a library u can get books from?”.I didn’t have an answer for that. Hell, i knew she was right .But i like collecting books just for the sake of collecting. And maybe i could exchange them with my friends .Well anyway ,we went to the place and bought his dumb notes. And then i went off in search for novels .And boy did i find nothing. Some shop! I kept searching n searching wasting almost two hours ,not that i had anything better to do. My feet were aching and some stupid girls were interrupting me by walking through that narrow way aimlessly. And so i ended up buying nothing for myself. Well we still have 1000 bucks left .So hoping that the next time i go ,they bring in some books worth readin!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Ladru and Pedru

I have two cats , two brothers who recently joined our family of six including our pet dog Cookie (named by my mom) . And as it was customary, we thought of several names to name them. One of them is a beautiful orange who is a perfect imitation of his annoying and philandering father and the other is a mixture of grey and black ,a duplicate of his mother .My father finally came up with the names Ladru n Pedru (Konkani for Lazarus and Peter),well because they rhymed in a way.

Me and my mom adore them and i guess in this process the time we spent in indulging Cookie was shortened .Now, we lock her out of the house(Cookie is a she) when our darlings venture into our house each time as if on a mission to discover something new and foreign.They always seem nervous and wary but don’t mind sparring with the long curtains or jumping on the sofa.Their first and I bet their favourite station is our kitchen. They usually tend to get noisy and literally cry like babies when they smell fish or chicken. Pedru is the more daring one who isn’t afraid of sleeping on my bro’s bed, climb the dining table and sometimes even challenge my dog. And Cookie can’t be more J....its her territory of course!

Recently we’ve had more cats eating from their bowl than we would have liked . And we aren’t really proud to say that Ladru n Pedru have turned all mellow and docile because of all the pampering.One among them is a notorious street cat.We haven’t really named him yet .I don’t kno what his problem is but he seems to get pleasure in harassing my kitties.But the most shocking part was seeing the murderous gleam in my mum’s eyes.My goodness!All she spoke of was killing that ugly looking bastard .She had even kept ready some huge stoned ready incase he came back.Once she even managed to hit him right on the head with a huge stick .But she was left fuming with rage when the cat didn’t run fast enough to save his sorry ass. And then she told me to stay alert so that she could this time smash his bones to bits!Wow! i guess one shouldn’t ever make the mistake of messing with a mother.If u do, you might not live to see another day.