Sunday, April 18, 2010

Does it mean ,another chapter closed?

The past few weeks were spent in complete emotional turmoil.I get like this when there's someone involved .Yeah i'm talking about a new crush alright .U see,when i develop a crush on someone,and it extends upto a few weeks ,i'll know for sure its gonna stick for way too long ,probably turning me into a neurotic mess.And that my friends was how i lived for the past couple of weeks.Hanging on every word spoken ,dissecting every minute detail and blowing it to a larger size,desperately searching for meanings to understand where this is heading.Kind of reminds me of the character Gigi form He's just not that into you.Yeah, its the usual tale of every girl with a crush :).But it's over now........................i hope.

 Yesterday had a nice chat with a person who in a short time has become a good friend of mine,or I'd like to think so .I think of ourselves as two lost souls ,travelling in the same boat .He prefers to think he's crazy.I was all pissed for reasons,God knows why.I blamed it on the people staying at my house.So invariably i turned to him for his pearls of wisdom :D.I ask way too many questions.Sometimes all one needs to do is let go.I mean its not so easy to forget that we have no control over how things mind end up to be.Anything can happen.So why don't i just go with the flow?

It couldn't hurt so much that it already does right?He continuosly kept stressing on the part of making others happy.Even when people aren't nice to you .Though i don't agree with him now, I know I'll definately see his side of reason .But until then i guess i'll stick with his advice to keep a tab on my anger.

Anyway got to go study for exams or mom might just skin my ass.Dang it!