Sunday, January 2, 2011

Stop It, please.

I can't take it anymore!

Your constant bickering ,your cursing, your damaged heart.It's like you've completely forgotten how to enjoy anymore.

I know you're hurt.I know what you go through everyday.But surely that doesn't mean you should give up on yourself.

You've been strong before, and I don't see why you should stop fighting now.Have you forgotten the days when you hung out with your friends and caught up on a movie???Have you forgotten what it felt to be on your two feet and march into the unknown?

Have you forgotten how you loved reading those romantic novels?

Has your life scarred you so much that you feel if you could just hold on and just kept on breathing,it'll be enough to get you by?And that that's all  you'll need to keep us safe?

Have you forgotten how to truly smile?

Have you forgotten how to enjoy laughing?

Have you forgotten that you deserve being loved too?

Have you not realised that your life could be more than this? Do you not understand what Im trying to tell you???

Why cant you read anymore?Why have you reduced yourself to being a victim, such pettty thoughts?

You could turn the whole picture upside down if you wanted...if you thought you still had the strength to .

You could still manage to have your share of fun out of all this. You could still enjoy talking about what you love.

Stop worrying so much.It pisses me off! If you can't use your wits and give eye for an eye ,atleast learn to ignore.

I don't think i can listen to you anymore.Its just so sad, seeing you do the things that you do.....

Why can't you understand that your life is important too?

I just can't take it; you wasting your life like this.

You know, I pray for you everyday.

All i can do is hope that it won't be too late for you.


  1. nice one .. has pumped up my dampened spirits :)

  2. wow!! If you could just say this out loud..... :(

  3. Will you chill for gods sake?
    its late for what huh?]
    stop worrying?

  4. whoa..!! this has left me stunned and dazed.. good one Liz... :)

  5. just spoke to me. I needed some of that..

  6. whoa guys I must admit i wrote this out of frustration .But Im so glad I could help you in some way....I believe everyone needs a reminder once in a while :)Have a great life! You most certainly deserve it.

    @rdsoze glad:)

    @faseeha i know...but i think i got through today....a bit

    @djd that is one word that im beginning to hate.... no offence:) i wrote this for someone else

    @aninosaintlife whose do you think it is? :P

    @MaDdy thanks! im happy :D

    @D.A high five!