Sunday, September 6, 2009

I'm in the mood to kill!

RAGGING? What is ragging? According to the oxford dictionary it means teasing.Sounds harmless. But, oh no,in today's times its become a major issue with all those guys getting beaten up for no fault of theirs.

Why do seniors have to rag juniors?What can they possibly get by "teasing" harmless newcomers?Is it to appease their vanity?What makes them so special?Don't tell me all this attitude is because they joined the college before we did. So what? That's hardly anything to hold against us!

I didn't know ragging could be so scary,if i hadn't been travelling in 47 yesterday all set to go home wishing earnestly that we would be safe in a bus full of seniors.And guess what,my prayers weren't heard.For my friend got ragged because he was misunderstood to have shown attitude to the seniors .The senior was a very irritating 4th year who practically screamed into out ears whenever he opened his horrible mouth .Heard he's all talk and the fact that my friend was actually the son of a police officer.Nice!After worrying for almost throughout the journey i come to know all this !And that stupid moron of a senior had the audacity to tell me to chill because it was none of my business!The hell with him! Who did he think he was?That stupid squeaking mouse!

Anyway the matter was settled .He was all talk afterall.Crazy person!

P.S Im getting used to the hostel just after one week of staying there which has surprised me a lot


  1. People who are into ragging are morons who does not have self-confidence.

  2. Come on yaar, dont get soo red on it. Its a custom. Try this once you become a senior, befriend some one with ragging and someone else with out ragging. In the end of the day you will find that you have a better relationship with the friend you have ragged.
    do try it out, its worth.

  3. @ Sojo Varughese....look ,i wont say i liked it but as i have mentioned before it wasnt an extreme case.Yeah but that mouse,(that's the nickname i gave him)does seem to be jobless.

    @R.R.Shenoy....sry but i'm anti-ragging :P

  4. but now they have given you people 100% security(as they

    that is interaction with 1st yrs...

    all that...

    hope they dont ask us not to comment

    welcome to the college..(coming a few days late..well ok...i forgot to check this blog..kept it for reading later...and forgot)


  5. @narendra....thanks ...interaction with 1st years is well and all only when its fun and not scary

  6. "hope they dont ask us not to comment here"

    Good one Narendra!! =D

    And juniors these days whack seniors when the seniors go quietly to wash their plates in the hostel mess. What do you have to say to that?

  7. @divya.....not my fault some ppl can't depend themselves my hands always itch to hit u

  8. ragging.. i still rem how scared v all r wen v joined coll. but believe me ragging could be fun.. it was fun for me.. i too was in hostel and u can just imagine ragging in an engg coll boys hostel..but in the end its we who benefit the most.. seniors helps us a lot during our stay in coll.. u will learn more wen u will be a senior.. i actually enjoyed giving raggine more dan taking it..