Sunday, September 27, 2009

My best week till now!

This week’s been AWESOME!!!!

Our college hosted the IGNITE fest which had about a dozen competitions going for three days that were all fun and well, an eye-opener for me. There’s so much talent and my GOD ,I have never thought of Dumb Charades as such a complex game before!

Anyway, I had to make a friend of mine to promise to drag me and make me register at least for one event lest I back down at the last minute. And well she made sure I did just that. I gave my name for DC and bluffmaster , a first for me in both the cases. DC was actually a last minute decision. The same friend and I decided to make a team and go for it. Turned out we sucked at it. But it also brought us a little more closer considering the revelation that we both don’t know anything of pretty much everything.(Okay ,maybe I’m exaggerating there a little bit ,but its close enough to the truth ).Plus it also gave me an opportunity to defy THE EVIL AND OBNOXIOUS BABY (she’s still a pain in my ass) and go to a senior’s room and actually stay there for hours in the forbidden building (or atleast forbidden to me).Ha Ha ,IN YOUR FACE BABY darling!

I improved at DC alright .But it wasn’t good enough coz we looked like total idiots on the stage(which isn’t a first for me btw. I’ve had my moments ).But on a more cheerful thought I’d be happy to tell you I didn’t screw up bluffmaster .Well yeah, i didn’t get selected in either (I’d be a fool to wish that since a few of them including my uncle were too good!).All in all it was a good day for me ,that day. Got to bunk class! Got to see a lot of crazy stuff and the spirit of the contestants was enticing .


  1. wow, you are a good blogger too. Two blogs in a month, that's awesome. I look forward to reading some more of yours.

  2. Hi! Glad you had fun at the fest. Fests seem to be such big occasions these days. Back in those days when I was in college, the fests were just limited to soft drinks and samosas and get out! Lucky you! Keep writing often. You express yourself very well.

  3. @ R.R.Shenoy...cheers to u too .:)

    @Ramit.....why thank you .Im glad it isnt what it used to be...your days sound a bit boring :P

  4. well ya the fest rocked...i remember the last year..i bunked few classes..(not for ignite though...)

    last time there were really few 1st yr participants...but this yr i noticed many :)..good thing..

    all the best..and i share the same opinions as above..:)

  5. Oh they don't just sound boring, they were sheer torture!

  6. @narendra......finally!!!...i thought i'd never feel touch my computer again....just didn't feel like it...yeah well...the first year participants i saw were all from my class......:P

    @Ramit....i pity u:P...

  7. "Turned out we sucked at it."

    We sucked at it?? WE sucked at it??


    Juniors these days!!

    *rolls eyes and walks away*

  8. @Divya...hee hee hee ..u mean to say we didn't.....?what junior?let me again remind u we were born in the same here sistah!