Saturday, February 6, 2010

Meeting memorable

And so i'm back!

College didn't start with a bang.....but i guess i knew it wouldn't .Took some time to adjust again and then i just started having a good time.So YAY!

A very good friend of mine came all the way to Nitte to visit his friends from Aloy.Actually I hadn't ecpected him to do so.We had agreed to meet at a common library after many months later, but he had slept off :D.hehe.

Anyway ,on tuesday i get a msg in the lunch break he's here.I run to finish my lunch and meet him.But during that period a wave of nostalgia hits me and i smile.This was the guy who had this thing about girls-he hated them!He considered all of them scary ,manipulating people who loved to waste time i guess.He admitted he didn't like me at first .That had come as a shock considering we were on friendly terms when he revealed it .Plus the fact that i was kinda his assistant in monitoring our class.We had become good friends over time and now we are best buddies.

And now we were going to meet after so many months.I admit i was nervous.But then ,everything turned out fine.I had a good time.I was really glad to meet him and he even bought me a birthday gift.Hadn't expected him to and i was like ,wow,I have really good friends.I'm sorry i just didn't know how to write this in a better way.Don't have an idea.Just wanted to share this with you guys .

And Thanks a lot buddy.You've been there when i was crazy and delusional and irritating and you've always managed to clear my doubts on so many questions i keep throwing at you.Thanks a lot.I really liked the keychain!


  1. FIRST!:D
    wht do mean a better way?
    you should be glad you have friends like this :)

  2. what do you mean a better way?*
    sorry i make lots of typos :D

  3. @shreyas....thanks ....had heard you blog too :)

  4. didn't realize i had missed this post!

    hope ur best-bud read this! :)

  5. awww... thats soooo sweet... i know you told me about this already but it was so much sweeter reading what you wrote... i wish i could do something like this because u deserve so much. :)

  6. it's always heartening to see how good friends never cease to amaze us... :)

  7. @blunt edges......yeah he read it....he like liked it too :D

    @faseeha.....hey!....i didnt do anything to deserve this...i'm blessed to have such friends!

    @maddy...yeah....i feel the same too !