Sunday, May 23, 2010

Brand New Eyes

Yesterday’s post had a very optimistic feel to it...when compared to several of my previous posts. Its a sad thing to notice in a blog. A dejected person always whining is not how I wanna spend my life. :)

Have you ever tried to forget everything you’ve learnt till now. Your beliefs, your  ideas on various subjects, the memories good or bad associated with different smells or time of the day...etc etc.

I wanna try doing that. You know ,forget what i was before. I’ve  been wishing for sometime to be able to look at things with a new perspective,  with brand new eyes; feel  everything i’ve felt before yet again, and feel for real this time and make my assessment not assessment but just enjoy them as they come ,good or bad. And make it a whole new experience from the start.

No previous judgements hindering me this time. Now how do i do this????

This means changing my whole life around.Is that even possible.

I read somewhere that it is.

“The whole world is what YOU think of you
So think of it differently and your life will change. “ :) :)

P.S. man! Sem exams on friday and im wasting my tiem getting distracted!!!I really need to get my head in the game :(.....I HATE STUDYING!!!


  1. do let us know if u do find a way 2 do it :)

  2. Why wil u not find a way.GO Liza Go ;)

  3. Your optimism and the will to hope are refreshing. Some amazing quality you possess that makes one want to wish and pray for only the best for you :) Change your perspectives if u want. Experiment, discover, experience, learn.. But don't you ever change Liz.. :) U go girl!

  4. I think that the past, memories, feelings, lessons make us who we are. And unlss you want to be a different you I don't see why you would want to forget all these things. You can change your life without forgetting them, without changing yourself.

  5. @Lena true.....i guess i was in a mood for a complete change .....realised it isnt possible :)