Monday, June 21, 2010


Totally psyched about holidays ,I started off promising to stick with the to-do list this time .But alas!That was not to happen. Confusion confusion. There were so many movies to watch ! Therefore ended up watching two per day with the rest of the time spent wandering from room to room screaming my head off as a result of boredom. Newspaper and other requirements neglected ,I sat disinterested in my room wondering how I was going to spend one and a half more months of this .A lazy ,fat assed girl like me grew even more weary of the bed as the days passed by turning into to weeks


I'm not even into blogging so much anymore .Its either Facebook or Twitter to irritate people with my mindless mumbo-jumbo.

What do i do? is the mantra i say everyday,only to notice the day has almost ended and its time for Castle .

Sitting at home won't solve my problems .Therefore suggestions are welcome :P


  1. Write a little blog everyday, and Castle is fun. Doesn't it come twice a day? :P

    Added you on Facebook. :-)

  2. do nothing thats the new do everything.
    don you worry :P

  3. yes dear... i realise the day has come to an end when its time for castle... and i have to study for the exams!!! who could be more lazier than me?? :P

  4. @The Bald Guy...i din get a request :(...castle comes only once:P...and the its gonna end soon :( matter Glee looks fun :)

    @djd yeah i know...maybe il start something tomo....;)

    @Faseeha...of course....ur d laziest person in the world :P...exams...bleh...forget :Dthey'll always be ther for you :P

  5. oh please... you know what happened with chemistry!!! anyways, you can find a hundred reasons to keep yourself busy :D

  6. hey! what happened to the dear novels? i guess it's high time you paid a visit to the ol' library... :D

  7. The best thing to do in holidays is "Never Ever Plan Anything" ... :P be spontaneous and just do whatever you feel like at that moment. Be it friends, be it books, be it shopping or be it rambling.. :) ... with the clause "do not sit idle" ... :D!

  8. One and a half month!!! wow! all i can think of is getting hold of some good friends and hitting an Incredible India destination :P