Friday, December 31, 2010

Raining Dogs. :D

It's really been a long time since I last posted. Honestly my life hasn't been any less boring than before.There have been moments of insanity brought on by boredom.

But all in all I can say , I've not reached the point where I would consider killing myself.

For a person who's stuck at home for most part of the holidays ,my only entertainment can be TV, my lappy and my dear Mom.

She really has her way with words.If one can go past the high pitched screaming, one would be able to see that being a housewife is really a  tough job.What with the nosy neighbours ,the noisy kids and the cute yet irritating puppy that seems to have made the whole place its playground.

Now you must understand that my mom loves animals.Dogs are her favourite.She feeds any bony creature that comes along because she just can't bear their plight.

This is really sweet of her,I admit.But this also means going up against people who can't stand the howling and the littering rascals.But that hasn't deterred mom.Oh no.

As any common story would have it, this one too wasn't without a villain.The old man aka The Matharo, who frankly is bored out of his mind to be picking a fight at this age.

You see Matharo had once expressed his disgust at having to see fur on the roads he walked.It was harsh but he was entitled to his feelings. However this only made mommy dearest even more vigilant.Her sneaky attempts to drop off food became timed ,like early in the mornings when it was dark out and her customers were reduced to a specific group of the malnourished .She was so dedicated to the task that one failed assignment kept her up at night .It was like a silent war was being fought right behind my house .Matharo was relentless in getting his proof and even managed to fool mom once ,making it seem as if no one were at home,but in reality was standing right by the window of a dark room.He was  intelligent alright.But mom had caught the bluff soon enough .He attempted other strategies but I guess nothing beat keeping a watch 24/7  sitting on his porch.

Its an ongoing,  hilarious mind game ,one that I'm sure won't come to an end at all.

And then there's the new enemy,The Pup.According to what Ive heard from mom,the little runt likes to be the centre of attention and play with people's legs.Its cute ,but not cute enough to melt her.The pup seems to scare away all the dogs -Distress reason #1;And our wuss of a 'guard dog' that we have brought up in our household prefers shitting in the compound rather than biting off the little rascal's head -Distress #2.Its all very frustrating indeed.

The dogs are an integral part of her life now, and I had secretly hoped she would lay off me since they kept her busy. But these duties have made her more agitated than before.She both hates and loves her' kids'.They give her a hard time,never letting her enjoy her trips away from home.But she worries about them nonetheless.

She loves talking about them, though it can be a bit confusing as she seems to curse them wholeheartedly at the same time .You see ,she knows it affects her .And being the kind of person who tenses up every minute of the day ,its doesn't help if one of the dogs doesn't come at the assigned time.Sigh

I can only hope for a better year for her and her dogs.Personally I just hope they keep her busy ;).

Happy New Year Everyone :P


  1. hey liz!! awesome post! and what a comeback! :)
    your mom's so cool and kind hearted... in her own, rather endearing way. i had a good time reading.
    keep blogging like this and to make your posts even better include more of yourself in them :)

  2. you are back!!! im so glad to see that you are blogging again!! and what a comeback!! it was awesome!! i absolutely loved it!! :)

  3. @MaDdy @Faseeha u guys liked it???????im so glad....:D thanks

    @djd thanks :P...i wanna read your blog!pretty pls?

  4. lol!! nice post..and awesome picture!!! :P Thanks for dropping by my blog. The lines are from the movie 'Eat Pray Love'

  5. have guessed.. read the book ???

  6. ah i stopped bloggin trust me if you want ill give u the link.

  7. no..not much into reading books, i love reading blogs though :P

  8. @djd....oh ok id like that :)

    @D.A no? :( ...blogs huh...I have to get back to reading blogs...feels like a long time since i last read..