Sunday, January 9, 2011

College! Here I come! :D

So a new semester's round the corner and I'm all set with my new wardrobe, excited about a whole new experience that waiting to happen!

I'll be getting back to my old routine but with a new zeal to actually make these days worthwhile.I'm done whining about 'irritating friends' , depressing hostel
with an even more depressing menu, lonely nights and difficult subjects. I'm done looking at someone else and wishing myself to be more like him.
I'm done wasting my time running away.

This time i vow to change things for the better.Hell, I want to make my life worthy to be lived.I might as well get myself a boyfriend  ; )

Wish me luck people!


  1. you go girl!!! well, except for the last part.. :P

  2. haha....cmon faseeha...a new boyfreind wont reduce ur importance in her life im sure:P
    so let her go ahead u possessive woman!!