Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I wish ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Coll starts from tomo........NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

I don't wanna go back to that place.I don't know what was so horrible with it.Probably the thought if spending another 4-6 months in that hell.God !Everyone says hostel is so much fun,but i just can't seem to remember one thing that made me like that place.And now i have to go back.

Same ol' pretension,same ol' loneliness,same ol' bitchiness,same ol' thoughts about trying to prove i'm not llike somebody else.........I don't think i'l be able to take another dose of it again!

I wish for a new beginning,a new way of life,maybe a little more sync with my thoughts,a little more in touch with myself  ,a little slowing down to see the world around.

I hope i'm able to realize what's truly important to me and NOT waste my time on dramas.

I hope i can be myself  :)

 Just pray for a new start .


  1. Thank you for changing the template. The earlier one did not let us comment. I also tried to tell you on my blog, don't know if you got the message or not.

  2. Praying little baby, praying. Good luck!

  3. hope so!!!!!!
    Nitte aint a bad place.but its like life u can get lost easily just hang on.i know its not easy.

  4. strange ..i m so excited abt going to college.:P ok lets face it..its probably cos i dont live in girls hostel...lol..its probably cos i dont live in hostel.. :P

  5. i feel you liz! when it comes to college somehow i don't mind wallowing in self pity for a well-deserved while... oh well.. life goes on.. so will our respective colleges. all the best to us! :P :D

  6. @THE BALD GUY...thanks for praying...the week was Good.....won something today...so happy happy!

    @djd.....thanks re.....ur sweet :)...n i will..otherwise il come to you to whine again

    @narendra.....you're probably right about the girls hostel thing....but i kno for sure i would have died travelling......so no other go :)novels and friends manage to keep me sane

    @blunt egdes...one week down....many more to go :D....tanku

    @maddy...yeah all the best to us:D