Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Forgive me

Forgive me for being such a selfish,unyielding ass,
Even when I know u could go to any length ,to any degree of discomfort just to make me comfortable.
Even when I know u grant my every wish
Even when I know u forgive my mistakes whatever they might be.
Even when I know that u listen patiently to everything I have to say and even act as if you’ve forgotten the number of times i was purposefully rude and disrespectful .
Even when I know u went through a lot pain to bring me into this world vowing to love and treasure me.
Even when I know u worked so hard just to give me a good education and putting me in all those classes keeping my future in mind.
Even when I know u love me a lot and would do anything not to see tears in my eyes.
Im so sorry……
For not listening patiently to reason insisting that im always right.
For putting up with my crap even though u deserve the best in the world.
Im so sorry……


  1. Whoa!! what happened? You alright?

  2. nah nuthin like dat...the n me fought ..again