Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Lucky, yet unlucky

Just yesterday me n my brother went to the famous “School Book Company” where u get about any stationery or book u want or so i thought. My brother had won a few coupons sponsored by the above store at a function for ,well, being a brain. And this entitled him to take anything that he wished from the shop for free, but within Rs 250.And he had about six of these.
I was happily dreaming about buying wonderful novels when my mom looked at me sternly ,bursting my bubble and said “Your brother’s college is about to start .So go and buy notebooks. Why do you need to buy novels when u have a library u can get books from?”.I didn’t have an answer for that. Hell, i knew she was right .But i like collecting books just for the sake of collecting. And maybe i could exchange them with my friends .Well anyway ,we went to the place and bought his dumb notes. And then i went off in search for novels .And boy did i find nothing. Some shop! I kept searching n searching wasting almost two hours ,not that i had anything better to do. My feet were aching and some stupid girls were interrupting me by walking through that narrow way aimlessly. And so i ended up buying nothing for myself. Well we still have 1000 bucks left .So hoping that the next time i go ,they bring in some books worth readin!

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