Saturday, June 27, 2009

Admission ..more like a death sentence

Yesterday I went to get an admission in the college I'll be studying in for the next 4 yrs.The day was well planned by my mom.Well mostly because i didn't seem to give a damn and quite frankly yes I, as usual ,was expecting my mom to do everything since the job at hand required me to get off my arse.And as usual things didn't go according to plan .I hadn't bothered to ask what papers were really needed and my OH SO AWESOME brother (sarcastically , ofcourse) who's studying in the same college ,has a habit of eating half of the info before telling us anything. And so it turned out i needed more papers and well my blood group too!...which was all the more reason for us to fear whether our heads , well, actually my bro's head was gonna stick to his body or if he'd lose it, courtesy mom.
Well coming back to the task at hand ,my mom never tried to find out my blood group when i was a baby (well i think that would have been less painful because then i wont be remembering any of it). But now , at this age ,i wouldnt have even dreamed of going near the hospitals with that weird odour, let alone a needle!......
And so there i was with my one hand stretched out while my other hand over my eyes closed tightly ,as my mom warned me against screaming or crying hysterically because my days as a kid were over .And so all i did when the fat man pierced the needle through my skin was think "I can bear this " repeatedly trying hard to concentrate on something else and guess what , i didn't hurt at all , just a slight pricking sensation that's all and i'm sure that this doesnt sound like a big thing, i mean many people do it.Well after opening my eyes to discover the huge amount of blood (well it looked like that for me) the fat man took from me and since this was the day i was gonna know my blood group i'd say i did a pretty swell job of not running like a lunatic ,out of the place.It might look like i'm hyping this incident, but for some reason i felt that by knowing my blood group i might finally understand who or what i really am.Just a stupid thought ,coz apparently i didn't .

Well everything put aside , we finally managed to reach the college on time and get my admission


  1. My sister Chaitra told me about it!! i guess she met u in colleeg

  2. Hope that college is not NMAMIT ,if it is so.................... Kenneth we got someone to rag [devilish grin :)]

  3. anyways welcome to nitte..............

  4. What kinda college is this?!!! Blood group?

    yup..u guessed it rite ..the name's NITTE....

    nice to meet u

    no plz ragging ...

  6. Ok no one ragged me ,so i wont rag anyone.Anyway Nitte has tasted your blood,have a nice stay......

  7. we're all flies in the big picture, arent we?

  8. its to read the blog now!! :) .. agsin.. how did i land here!!?? :)