Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Respite from boredom

For days together its been nothing but a daily series of dull mornings including screaming at my brother(cant help it …everytime he’s at home I have headaches ) and friggin’ bleak Tv shows except for the re-runs of “Who’s line is it anyway?”.
So I decided to find solace in Bajpe, a place away from home on the outskirts of Mangalore ,a heavenly place where my dear cousins and grandparents reside. I’ve been coming here ever since I was a little baby. I used to eagerly wait for my exams to get over and come all the way out here to stay .It used to last a month.Every year it used to be a delight to walk around their farm, watching out for snakes (I’m dead scared of ‘em) ,taking those coloured chicks for walks ,playing with their dog, sitting like a duck and waiting patiently for the hen to lay her egg and chasing after them as they cluck away.It used to be an every day routine.
But sadly my days here have become limited- just one week ,that’s it and then its packing my bag time.Nevertheless the trips are worth it ,even if its just for a few day . The serenity of the place ,the fun ,the joys of being with the closest cousins I’ll ever have is like a blessing for a city girl like me and I’m thankful for that.