Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Ladru and Pedru

I have two cats , two brothers who recently joined our family of six including our pet dog Cookie (named by my mom) . And as it was customary, we thought of several names to name them. One of them is a beautiful orange who is a perfect imitation of his annoying and philandering father and the other is a mixture of grey and black ,a duplicate of his mother .My father finally came up with the names Ladru n Pedru (Konkani for Lazarus and Peter),well because they rhymed in a way.

Me and my mom adore them and i guess in this process the time we spent in indulging Cookie was shortened .Now, we lock her out of the house(Cookie is a she) when our darlings venture into our house each time as if on a mission to discover something new and foreign.They always seem nervous and wary but don’t mind sparring with the long curtains or jumping on the sofa.Their first and I bet their favourite station is our kitchen. They usually tend to get noisy and literally cry like babies when they smell fish or chicken. Pedru is the more daring one who isn’t afraid of sleeping on my bro’s bed, climb the dining table and sometimes even challenge my dog. And Cookie can’t be more J....its her territory of course!

Recently we’ve had more cats eating from their bowl than we would have liked . And we aren’t really proud to say that Ladru n Pedru have turned all mellow and docile because of all the pampering.One among them is a notorious street cat.We haven’t really named him yet .I don’t kno what his problem is but he seems to get pleasure in harassing my kitties.But the most shocking part was seeing the murderous gleam in my mum’s eyes.My goodness!All she spoke of was killing that ugly looking bastard .She had even kept ready some huge stoned ready incase he came back.Once she even managed to hit him right on the head with a huge stick .But she was left fuming with rage when the cat didn’t run fast enough to save his sorry ass. And then she told me to stay alert so that she could this time smash his bones to bits!Wow! i guess one shouldn’t ever make the mistake of messing with a mother.If u do, you might not live to see another day.