Friday, January 8, 2010

3 idiots :D


So today my friends and i made a plan to watch a movie in adlabs-3 IDIOTS.

i was sceptical about this.I thought AVATAR would have been a better option.It came as a shock to me when one of my friends told me-what's there in that movie?...n i was like..what the..?..helloooooooo...that movie's awesome (forgive my vocab...i have no other words to describe its awesomeness)....i mean can't you just see the promos and be blown away???her answer-no,not at all

this ain't right....did she actually say that????

i stare at her.....i continue staring....i still stare at her till i realise she has nothing more to say about it.

i guess everyone has their own opinion about stuff.

Anyway ,we moved on and watched the movie-3 IDIOTS.Must say ,it wasn't that bad.Infact it was great.Though i guess it didn't have that effect that JAB WE MET had on me.I guess i'm a sucker for romance.Well not in real life.I guess it'll be all awkward for me and i'll probably run away.

Back to the movie,it has some elements of 5 point someone.And the story was quite unrealistic.It was very funny yes.Though i found it very weird when my friends laughed for something and i didn't;while for other things it was only me laughing while they just looked on(um,something wrong with me?????).Then the end part,the vacuum pump and all,very impressive,but again it was too hard for me to buy it.And Aamir Khan turning into Mr.WAGUNDE or WAGUMBE....the famous scientist..or something like that,now that was totally bogus.But in the end i guess the movie was a treat to watch ,however it was.I'd say it was worth my money ( or rather my mom's-though i don't think she's gonna give me any for avatar :(...)


  1. All of you have seen it by now, And I do not have the time to go!

    Not one of you has put up the story for me the same way I put up Rocket Singh's story!


    Some friends I got huh!


  2. oh... lucky u... u get to watch all gud movies.... new moon, n now 3 idiots!!! not fair!!! im glad u enjoyed it though... if i was thre i wud have laughed at the same things u laughed at!! :P ;)

  3. @THE BALD GUY....hee hee...sry....too much work n im lazy :D

    @FASEEHA....ur rite ..i guess i will have a hard time finding another one like you :)

  4. 3 idiots showed me why bollywood will always be filmy unreall...

  5. @vigneshwar...i dunno why but i always compare bollywood to hollywood....