Saturday, January 2, 2010

Not so magical for me :(

I’ve just reached home from after grocery shopping with my mom and I’m beat.
January 1st,the first day of a brand new year .Oh ,what i had expected and what I got. For me ,who’s become so used to the dullness of life ,sure had an eventful day.  Chemistry ,a subject that i hate, and ironically a part of a branch i wish to study was an exam i had to answer yesterday. Hmmmm, it was horrible!...ok maybe i’m exaggerating a li’l bit but yeah,  wasn’t as if it was a piece of cake either(not that i expected it to be so easy, but still). And i won’t blame myself that i didn’t study in the week i got. I had (well not that much)  coz even if i had it wouldn’t have helped .i had studied after my practical exam and well earnestly .But who knew they would give the questions that i hadn’t studies for :P.Ok maybe this is a lost argument  and I should probably stop babbling.
Anyway then comes the afternoon part where i realize i’ve lost my bsnl sim. It shocks me that I’ve become so irresponsible and lazy. Maybe its the hostel ki hawa doing this to me. Anyway I tell my mom about this in the  evening after i’ve turned my room upside down .She yells at me, describes how I’m gonna die after dad comes to know and i just stand there appalled by my behaviour staring as she goes on telling me about all the complications I’ve created by my act of stupidity.
Today we go and enquire about the procedure and find out we have to give a police complaint .My mom has to come with me coz the sim’s under her name .We have to walk a lot but in the end all goes well. I  get a replacement  .
Now comes the very very bad part .Mom had to tell dad about all this. And all i can do is wish for that part to be magically skipped or um, hope that it never  God? pretty please ,with sugar on top?
I had wished ,as i always end up doing,that this year would be a different one,a special one,that the first day would be pleasant,somewhat magical (yeah yeah real life -no magic stuff but what's the harm in wishing?) .but i guess i was wrong...again :(


  1. awww... thats soooo bad... tell me wat hpnd with ur dad k.. i really pity u!!!

  2. lol...ok i'm not supposed 2 laugh at ur miserable day but sorry couldn't help ;)

    anyways hope the rest of the 364 days go well...happy new year :D

  3. @fassu.......NOTHIG HAPPENED!...can u believe it!...nothing happened...yay!

    @blunt edges...heya .....nah...go ahead n not mind:D..n happy new year!

  4. Get Airtel now. Waaaaay better than BSNL! Happy NU Year! Glad to know in the comments that yous Dad did not get mad at you. Take care.

  5. take it easy there life aint that bad also in engineering.:)

  6. @djd

    you CAN NOT say aint bad?

  7. @Ramit.....guess wat i do have airtel free mgs.....n that's really wat i need...but that's kinda the reason why i lost my bsnl

    @djd...will keep that in mind.....

    @naren.....what's wrong?

  8. ah ahyee cuto singh!!! look you have found a bunch of crazy friends to make you laugh for the rest of the 364 days :)

  9. @sulagna....sry didn't get ur cuto singh thing ....and thanks....hope this year turns out well for all of us :)